Ghadeer Abu- Shamat

Vice President – Education / Superintendent - CEO 

Ghadeer is a professionally qualified educational bilingual leader with more than seventeen years of experience. Ghadeer is a Chemist by education and has achieved MA in Educational Leadership and Management from the Institute of Education (IOE) University College London (UCL), in addition to a Higher Diploma in Educational Leadership and Management from the American University of Beirut (AUB).

Ghadeer is currently perusing her studies to get a Doctorate Degree in Educational Leadership from University College London (UCL).She started her educational career as a teacher at Amman Academy –Jordan, then after six years she was promoted to become the youngest principal in Jordan at the age of 26.

Prior to Ghadeer’s appointment as a Superintendent- CEO at GEMS Al Khaleej International School, she worked as the founding principal of Asamiah International School- IB school in Jordan. Ghadeer’s passion for education, in addition to her personal characteristics and leadership skills, helped her succeed and to leave a positive impact in all the leadership positions throughout her years of experience. Ghadeer has joined GEMS- AKNS in January 2015.

Her determination, dedication, and sharp vision helped her to turn the school around and move ninety parameters up during the past four years. The school has moved from being acceptable to Good in 2018 and remained Good in 2019 with very good features in KG. With her leadership, the school is progressing every year.